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My Awakening

    I’ve often been asked what drives me to travel so much. You mean “seeing beautiful places and discovering the world” isn’t explanation enough! I’ve had the travel bug since I was… Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday – Nostalgia Beach

  Nostalgia Beach, located in the vivid corners of your memory.   Here, you worshiped the sun and bathed in the warm salty waters as the waves lapped your slowly tanning body.  It stretches… Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday – Aging Hillside

  The aging of nature and slowly the gray has come to this hillside confirming the age of the landscape.  It verifies that the hills have aged gracefully, still holding on to beauty.  How many… Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday – Reflecting Pool

There’s nothing more soothing than a beautiful pool.  The calming effect of  the dragonflies interacting in the green foliage of the pristine waters.  Water so clean, you can’t decipher between reality and reflection.  … Continue reading

Fallen Beauty

      Beauty is celebrated by everyone, be it subconsciously or consciously. Beauty is adored or worshipped. Those lacking in this trait dream of such wonder. The genetically gifted gleam in the… Continue reading

The Ant and his Wanderlust

A typical ant colony can consist of hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of ants contributing to the colony. One such ant is Aaron who toils in the heat daily along with thousands of… Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday – Petrified

  We’ve all been there.  A frightening experience has rendered us helpless. Imagine being in a 9.2 earthquake, so powerful it changes the landscape. In 1964, this is what happened. The Anchorage area of Alaska… Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday – Hike of Grandeur

Hiking can be a long and strenuous activity. Not only is it great for your health but also a great stress reliever. It can cleanse your soul and free your mind. This particular… Continue reading

San Juan Trail, Cleveland National Forest

Recently, a friend of mine made me realize that I’ve neglected local hikes as I’ve been spoiled by the hikes on my travels. Maybe, subconsciously I thought that the local hikes could not compare to… Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday – Safe Harbor

The vast sea is unpredictable and at times unforgiving. Gail force winds, 30-foot tsunamis, or lightning storms can arise at anytime. Before night falls, seeking safe harbor would be a sound choice. The comfort and safety… Continue reading

Companionship and Love

Companionship is composed of two feelings. Friendship:  a strong form of interpersonal unity and mutual affection between two or more people. A rapport and a sense of camaraderie that unites people. Intimacy:  a closeness and familiarity… Continue reading

The End of The Road, Santa Monica Pier

If you’re in the United States and you travel west as far as you can, you well end up at the Santa Monica Pier. At least, this is the perception Hollywood movies give… Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday – Exploring Paradise

. We’re all in pursuit of Paradise. What if you found it and there were no other humans to be found. Explore and savor every moment, unquestionably. But would you share it with… Continue reading

Good vs. Evil

. Good vs. Evil The concept has been around since the dawn of man. A daily struggle for all, not just in a biblical sense. For some, the devil is an addiction, be… Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday – The Edge

Success often forces you to the edge of your comfort level. The results can be amazing. The view is one of a kind. . (photo:  Grand Canyon, 2014) . .

Where in The World? Mountain Top Perch

. Where in the world? From my perch I have this heavenly view of an inlet. Mudflats exposed due to extreme tide shifts. Captain Cook once traversed these waters and had an impact… Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday – Hoodoos

The Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon are a sight to behold from the rim of the canyon. They’re quite a marvel from the bottom of the canyon. ****** For more on Bryce Canyon, please see:… Continue reading

The Return

They made good on their promise to return to the country of their grandparents. Now in there teens, no longer hampered by the innocence that once hindered there perception of life. They’re able… Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday – Gateway to the Amazon

The Amazon is home to half of the world’s rainforest. The home to the most biodiverse region in the world and hosts over 40,000 plant and 100,000 invertebrate species. If Brazil’s Amazon is on… Continue reading

The Coming of Rain

The coming of rain can be seen from a distance. It’s forthcoming signaled by dark clouds and gray skies. Commerce doesn’t stop with cargo ships and fishing vessels moving across the horizon. Life doesn’t have to… Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday, El Nido Philippines

Ubugon Lagoon on the island of Cadlao in El Nido, Philippines, was my once in a life time visit, my opportunity to live out the “Blue Lagoon” moment in privacy. ****** For my post… Continue reading

Waiting for The Tide, A Life Long Endevor

. Waiting for the tide. On a daily basis boats wait for the tide, for a chance at success at whatever is required. Lucky to have that opportunity on a daily basis. Life… Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday – Victoria Harbour

. One man’s junk is another man’s pleasure craft. Hundreds of years of history now wrapped in this vessel sailing amid new history arising from the lapping waves and reaching to the tops… Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday, the Coming of Darkness

Dusk, the coming of darkness, once again brings the importance of light. The constant struggle between light and darkness is never ending.  * (pier side at Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines) . .

To See the World Through the Eyes of a Child

    Don’t tell anyone but I tend to see the world through the eyes of a child. Visual clarity of an unbiased and vivid colorful world, not limited to black and white. Innocent… Continue reading


  Throughout my childhood I grew up without. Without material items. Without a fancy house or a room of my own and, at times, not even a bed of my own. A meal… Continue reading

To Cast A Shadow

To cast a Shadow is to leave an impression on your surroundings. As a tree unfurls its shadow and dominates the environment around it, dictating life and growth within its reach. In blistering heat,… Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday, San Ignacio, Belize

***** Have you been to a rainforest? Where, or where would you like to go? for similar posts, see:  Snapshots

Alaska Picture Book II

for more Alaska winter photos see: Alaska Picture Book

Alaska Picture Book

Snapshot Sunday, Kawasan Falls

Waterfalls are a symbol of power, speed, and the source of rainbows.  What does it mean to you?

Home is Where The Hills Are, Anaheim HIlls

. . . . He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home’ – Wolfgang Von Goethe Some people may think that the reason I travel is… Continue reading

Travel Bucket List

All travelers have a bucket list they would like to accomplish. Everyone, even non-travelers, have some sort of travel list whether they publish it to others or it’s a wish list they keep to… Continue reading


Darkness paralyzes our consciousness, crippling our mobility.  Nothing good can come of it, accidents and injuries. We plan around it. The fear of the unknown grips us and renders us dysfunctional and I… Continue reading

Man Was Once a Boy

As a child, I viewed the world from a far, through the window of our humble home. * I looked at the world in amazement and wondered if I could ever see it… Continue reading

The Gift

Only the truly blessed can see beauty on a cloudy day. The sun gleaming in small shards of warmth through a darkly covered sky. Beams shimmer on the water or highlight the ground like… Continue reading