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Maldives, Resort Accommodation

Traveling in the Maldives is much more different than most countries. The country is made up of hundreds of islands and there are two ways to travel domestically, the obvious, by speedboat or… Continue reading

Maldives on a Budget

With India and the week long adventure behind me, it was now time to relax. I headed south to one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Maldives lies in the… Continue reading

Jaipur, India

I’m at the end of the best day of my trip through India’s Golden Triangle. Earlier today, I was overwhelmed by the Taj Mahal and now I’m getting closer to my next destination,… Continue reading

Taj Mahal and Agra, India

My travels have now taking me to the second city on the Golden Triangle, the city of Agra. I woke up Friday morning expecting to see the jewel of India and one of… Continue reading

New Delhi, India

After the stressful 24 hours I spent stranded in Tokyo, as I mentioned in my prior post, I was finally in New Delhi, India. My flight arrived in the evening so I didn’t… Continue reading

The Road to India and The Golden Triangle

It’s been two weeks since I’ve returned from my last excursion. I’ve been battling bronchitis since I returned. And, the extent of my bad luck stretches before the start of my trip as… Continue reading

Photographic Travel Review of 2022

Travel during 2022 was still full of constraints but it did get a lot easier toward the last half of the year. I was still content to travel within the United States as… Continue reading

Bora Bora

There are two places in the world that are considered heaven on earth, Bora Bora and the Maldives. You can’t go to either of these locations and not have lofty expectations. I can… Continue reading

Montana de Oro

I’d love to tell you that I just returned from this fabulous hike in a remote location in South America called Montana de Oro but I didn’t even leave the state. I did… Continue reading

Zion National Park 2022

Zion National Park is one of the most visited parks in the United States. It’s a picturesque park park with landscapes and panoramic views that are hard to beat. So beautiful, I can’t… Continue reading

Page, Arizona, and The Mighty Colorado River

Page, Arizona, maybe relatively unknown to most people. But, for the adventure seekers and the outdoor enthusiast, it’s the gate way to so many beautiful locations. Lake Powel, The Wave, Antelope Canyon and… Continue reading

Monument Valley

Hollywood has made hundreds of westerns depicting the life of the American cowboy. And, none made a greater impact in this genre than John Wayne. If you try to recollect the landscape of… Continue reading

Red Rock Canyon State Park, CA

It’s my opinion that all the western states have a Red Rock Canyon State Park. California is among those states. Although, the California park is much less known than the others, even to… Continue reading

Arenales Canyon Adventure

Puerto Rico has a number of activities that will quench your thirst for adventure. El Yunque National Park is the top destination for the adventurous visitors and it was my first choice as… Continue reading

San Juan, Puerto Rico

My hopes of the pandemic diminishing its hold on life were to optimistic. The Omicron variant is raging throughout the world which complicated my plans. I had planned on starting the year off… Continue reading

Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii was one of the most popular destinations prior to Covid and, when it re-opened, the islands where over-run with visitors this past summer. It played a part in the rise of Covid… Continue reading

Grand Teton National Park

My visit to the Grand Teton National Park didn’t start well. I arrived in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming, area before noon and the skies were gray and threatened to rain. I wasn’t going… Continue reading

Canyonlands National Park

People travel to Arches National Park and visit Canyonlands National Park out of convenience. The two parks are about 30 minutes apart, and yes, it’s very convenient. If you do the same, you’ll… Continue reading

Costa Rica’s Interior

  My prior travel to Costa Rica only consisted of  a visit to the Pacific coast, a stay in the Manuel Antonio National Park area. So, on this trip I wanted to experience… Continue reading

Photographic Travel Review of 2018

2018 was a travel year of exploring the far corners of the earth mixed with travels with family. Travel is synonymous with discovery and if you have followed my blog, you know that… Continue reading

Great Barrier Reef and Fitzroy Island

Travel can be a long and arduous road. And, travel to the world’s largest island is no exception. I’ve recently returned from my Australia Expedition and it was longer than it should be. With no… Continue reading

Photographic Travel Review of 2017

2017 was the travel year of the open itinerary. I had planned on a trip to Thailand and Bali, split between March and April, but the rest of the year was approached with an open mind.… Continue reading

Sacred Hike of Bali

Bali is widely known for its beautiful beaches and wonderful people. During the days I was researching the island and creating my itinerary, I was becoming more intrigued with Ubud and the mountain… Continue reading

Maya Bay and The Phi Phi Islands

    The archipelago of the Phi Phi Islands is located in Thailand’s Andaman Sea. The archipelago is made up of six islands with Phi Phi Don as the only populated island in the chain. This… Continue reading

Thailand’s Unique Markets

Bangkok has many alluring travel destinations. And, if you are a fan of James Bond, you have to remember James riding a boat through the floating market of Bangkok. When I conceived my… Continue reading

Expedition Ortega Highway

  Hiking and chasing waterfalls go hand-in-hand. The more captivating falls seem to require more effort. The required hike also keeps away the people who don’t appreciative these wonderful landmarks. The abundance of… Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday – Kneel in Amazement

  Kneel in Amazement I travel the world collecting experiences and sometimes I come across such beautiful vistas I’m compelled to kneel in amazement. Breathtaking views that knock you off your feet and… Continue reading

Photographic Travel Review of 2016

    The year of 2016 was my most ambitious travel year to date. It included Expeditions to the desert, exotic beaches, multiple safaris in Africa, swimming with wild dolphins and whale sharks,… Continue reading

Hiking Whiting Ranch

    Living in the middle of civilization, it can be tough to find good hiking trails. In the heart of Orange County, California, is the Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park which encompasses approximately… Continue reading

Conquest of Larch Valley

    Larch Valley   My fourth day in Banff started out like the others, an early wakeup call and I was off to breakfast. The difference was the light rain that had… Continue reading

Moraine Lake & The Twenty-Dollar View

  Moraine Lake   Just a short drive from Lake Louise is a smaller lake, smaller in size but as spectacular as any of the surrounding lakes. It’s situated in the Valley of… Continue reading

Cenote Dos Ojos, Mexico

     Cenote Dos Ojos   The word “Cenote” is pronounced say-no-tay and is derived from a Mayan word sacred well. A combination of geological events and climate changes created an incredible and… Continue reading

The Xel-Ha Experience

    Once upon a time, long long ago, three brothers entered a lush jungle filled with high-adrenaline activities such as cliff diving, zipline over water and exploring a Cenote. In the middle of… Continue reading

Whale Sharks of The Yucatan

I travel not to escape life, but to live it. After all, our time is limited as mortal beings. I just returned from a trip to the Yucatan that featured one of the… Continue reading

Skeleton Coast and the Namib Desert

           The 2nd half of my safari in Namibia was another long drive through the world’s oldest desert and the Skeleton Coast of Namibia. It was time to leave Etosha National… Continue reading

Etosha National Park, Namibia

Etosha National Park During my visit to Namibia I decided to do a safari that would allow me to see most of the country. The safari began in the capital city of Windhoek and… Continue reading