About Me

My interest in adventure travel was created during my years as a child.  Growing up in an immigrant household in Orange County California, we didn’t have the means to travel.  With both parents constantly working, my travels were based on how far I could peddle my bicycle.  At the time, The Travel Channel or Anthony Bourdain didn’t exist so the only way I saw the world was by watching nature shows, Jacques Cousteau, or through National Geographic magazines before NAT GEO.  Now that I’m able to travel I’ve been able to obtain my childhood travel bucket list of Brazil, Belize, Galapagos, and Alaska. I consider myself a citizen of the world, a Hobo waiting for the next train and wondering its destination.  I’ve created this site to share my past and future expeditions in hopes to entertain, educate, and peak your interest in travel.

Travel inevitably opens your mind to so many things so I also created an Introspection page to address my inner thoughts and feelings.

The world is too beautiful just to see in images:


I hope to see you on the road.





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