Montana de Oro

I’d love to tell you that I just returned from this fabulous hike in a remote location in South America called Montana de Oro but I didn’t even leave the state. I did return from a fabulous hike in Montana de Oro but it took much less time to get there. It’s actually a state park on the central coast region. California has some amazing state parks that don’t get the proper attention. This definitely fits that description.

This park has an out-of-this-world coastline that can be viewed along the Bluff Trail. The trail is just over four miles and you’ll see Cliffs, incredible rock formations, and caves. You can also access a couple of remote beaches. The larger one is in Spooner Cove where you can park by the beach. Some people just come here for this secluded beach. But, most park here since it’s also the trailhead for the Bluff Trail. Make the short climb up the road to the trail and you’ll come to a spot that overlooks the cove, it’s a spectacular view that you might miss if you’re not paying attention.

There is something I have to make you aware of, the summer fog. It lingers in the morning and rolls back in late in the afternoon. The best time to get here is around noon. I actually arrived a little early and the fog was still smothering the coast line. I parked at the other end of the trail and I walked slower than usual along the trail with the hope that the fog would clear on my return. I mentally marked cliffside spots that deserved more time in the sunshine. I arrived at Spooner Cove, the half way point, and decided to take a break as I enjoyed the view. The fog was lifting as I made my way back to my starting point. I could, now, clearly see the magnificent rock formation that dominate this coastline. I made my way down to the spots I had mentally marked earlier. I explored as much as I could without endangering myself on these cliffs. I could easily spend the whole day here, listening to waves crash against the rocks and overdosing on the views. But, like all good things, it came to an end.

This definitely won’t be my only visit. It’s only a 25 minute drive away from Morro Bay, one of my favorite little towns, so a second hike is almost guaranteed.