Expedition Siargao

The world has definitely become much smaller. With the birth of social media, we have access to more locations of the world. Every corner of the world has been photographed and videotaped. The only thing left is to find your way there. One of these off-the-beaten-path destination is the island of Siargao, Philippines. The island is highly acclaimed for its waves, ideal for surfing. Siargao is so much more than that. The island is full of beauty and adventure and it’s still in pristine conditions. Tourists and travelers are just discovering this amazing island so many of the sights are still in almost virgin conditions. The infrastructure for tourism has yet to fully evolve but I would gladly take that trade off.

The beaches are what you would expect from a tropical island in the Philippines and if you are looking for that uniquely beautiful beach, then you can visit the three islets of the coast of the main city of General Luna. One attraction I highly recommend is the rock pools of Magpupunko. These pools are exposed by the retreating tide. Salt water is trapped in the pools along the coast of the island. I’ve never felt more relaxed and at peace as I sat in one of these pools.

If you like adventure, then I would suggest you book a tour to Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande Island. The distance is a bit far with a two hour boat ride but you won’t regret the effort. The waters of the lagoon are stunning! The caves and jellyfish sanctuary will quench your thirst for discovery. The excursion is a one of a kind experience, one I won’t soon forget. It was truly the highlight of my trip to the Philippines.

I’ve run out of adjectives in describing the island in my series of posts about Siargao. I put together this video to best represent my expedition in Siargao. I hope it portrays the adventure and sense of discovery I had during my visit to Siargao.