Expedition Coron

The world is vast and offers many travel destinations. If you’re looking for a beach destination, the choices are just as crowded. If your looking for a unique island destination with incridable beaches, then Coron is the location for you. Located in the Palawan region of the Philippines, this area consist of the larger island of Busuanga and approximately 50 other smaller islands, including Coron. As I mentioned before, the island of Coron is protected so there are no accommodation there. The actual town of Coron is on Busuanga, along with the airport. Hotels and resorts can be found on Busuanga and among the many islets around Coron. I chose to stay in the town of Coron at the Two Seasons Hotel which sits on the bay. The hotel may not have had a beach but it allowed for an easy access to the harbor where all the sea born tours began. It was just, approximately, a five minute drive from the hotel. My stay here was only for four nights, 3 full days, so I had to maximize each day. I had spent some time researching the tours for the area, ahead of time, so I new just what I wanted to do here. The primary location I wanted to visit was the Island of Coron, of course. It would be a shame to come all the way out here and not see its name sake. But, I chose to visit the island during my 2nd tour since my first day would be Saturday and I feared that the number of visitors to the island would be high.

So, I chose to visit the little islet called Pass Island. It was a two hour boat ride from the town of Coron but fortunately it was included in the Reef and Wrecks tour which would include stops on the way to the island. The stops included snorkeling over shipwrecks and a reef on the way to and from Pass Island. The island is definitely off the beaten path but it’s also the reason why it’s in pristine condition and a slice of heaven. If you are traveling with a few of your family or friends, you might want to hire a private boat to take you directly to the island to maximize your time on the island. If you’ve traveled and snorkeled as much as I have, you can afford to skip the snorkeling stops.

The second day would be the day I experienced the island of Coron. Not only did I chose to go on a Sunday to increase my chances of seeing less tourist on the island, but I also chose to pay for a private tour to ensure my chances of seeing a high number of tourists. My private tour would also have added benefits that included seeing spots that would normally be a part of larger joint tours. The tour would also be tailored to my physical abilities and at my pace. The day was a unique experience that totally exceeded my expectations. The snorkeling on this tour would, also, be the best that I experienced in the Coron area.

With my hotel not having access to one of the beautiful beaches the area is famous for, my third day would consist of traveling to enjoy some of these beaches. The Island Escapade tour would quench my appetite for these eye-opening beaches. I joined a group tour that would consist of a 90 minute boat ride, each way, to get to these islands that are closely grouped together. The beaches on these islands are a sun bathers dream. They uphold the reputation for Coron for having some of the best beaches in the Philippines.

My expectation for my time for Coron was of beautiful beaches and it definitely delivered. The island of Coron also added a sense of adventure. I left questioning myself, “why didn’t I come here before, why did it take so long?”. My Expedition in Coron was over but my adventure in the Philippines would continue.





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