Island Escapade, Coron

BananaIsle (2)



The region of Coron, Palawan, Philippines is well known for its beautiful beaches and the Island Escapade Tour epitomizes this. It’s an all day tour that you will wish would never end. The tour will take you to three extraordinary islands. Unfortunately, these islands are of some distance from the town of Coron. It takes 90 minutes via Banca boat, the traditional Filipino mode of ocean transportation. Count on being splashed by salt water on your way as the waves will get a little larger once you get further away for Busuanga and Coron Island. Your destination Banana Island, Bulog Island, and Malcapuya Island are all clustered together and are only about 15 to 20 minutes apart.


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The first island we would explore was Bulog Island. This is really more of an islet surrounded by beautiful white sand that includes a sand bar that joins the islet to a larger island. Feel free to take your Instagram worthy photos or just lay in the fine white sand and soak in the sun. Sooth yourself with a refreshing swim and don’t forget your snorkel gear as, seemingly in the Philippines, every island is surrounded by a reef. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay here forever and we were on our way.





Our next destination, Banana Island, could be seen from the beach of Bulog island. It was now midday so this would also be our lunch stop. The boat crew had prepared lunch for us of fish, pork, fruits and vegetables. The island also has a small snack shop if you want a soda or a beer. The beach is beautiful but make sure you find a spot of open water as the rocks do hug the coast tightly here. It is a much larger beach so you can stretch out and find a private portion for yourself, if you wish. Eventually, you’ll have to drag yourself away from the beach and make it back to the boat. I wouldn’t worry, there is one more slice of paradise left.



third Beach


Another 15 minute boat ride and another slice of heaven awaited us. Malcapuya Island has a beach covered in fine white sand with crystal clear waters. If you wish to do some more snorkeling, a guide can paddle you out to a coral reef. I decided to stay on the beach and take in the sun and refresh myself in the warm waters. The hardest part of this tour was leaving. We spent about an hour at each island which felt a lot shorter since I wanted to stay at each stop so much longer.




The Island Escapade Tour was during my third day in Coron and you would think I would have had enough of these beautiful beaches. Just the opposite, I wanted more, but then who wouldn’t. My only regret was that I didn’t pack my rash guard shirt and I had a terrible sun burn by the end of this day. The tour is well worth the 90 minute boat ride, each way. These three islands are unforgettable and uphold the reputation for beautiful beaches for Coron.