Photographic Travel Review of 2018

2018 was a travel year of exploring the far corners of the earth mixed with travels with family. Travel is synonymous with discovery and if you have followed my blog, you know that wandering the world and taking the path less traveled is my favorite type of travel. This year’s travel experience had solo wanderings and shared family travels as well.


First on the itinerary was the country of Panama. I know, Panama City and  the Panama Canal isn’t off the beaten path. I scheduled my visit in February so I could participate in Panama’s Carnival which was a much bigger holiday than I thought. And, the city was more modern than I imagined with high skyscrapers. The other half of the trip was the portion where I visited a far corner of the world. My travels would take me to the Playon Chico region of the San Blas Islands. It was my first experience with an airport so small it had no roads in or out of the airfield. I would have to take a short boat ride to Yandup Lodge nestled on a tiny island the size of a grocery store parking lot. This untouched corner of the world was heaven on earth and exactly what I long for.

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The next destination would be the popular island of Tahiti with my mother. That doesn’t mean I would forgo the adventure portion of my travels. The waters and beaches are definitely as beautiful as expected and the interior is worth the trek and a great adventure.

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In the summer time tradition of the American road trip, I drove, with my brother and his family, to Sequoia National Park. It’s an amazing place for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. Walking among the tall sequoia, thousands of years old, is an amazing experience.

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Australia is one of the most popular destination in the world and it’s such a vast country that I was also able to visit areas of the country that quenched my thirst for adventure. The Northern Territory is a vast expanse that is sparsely populated and the source of my adventure in the Kakadu National Park. Cairns was the stop for my visit to the Great Barrier Reef but I discovered that this area is also a wonderful spot for adventure with many beautiful waterfalls. Of course, my experience in Australia would not be complete without a visit to Sydney. Cities aren’t my favorite destinations but Sydney captivated me and made my visit to Australia that much more enjoyable.

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The travel year would end at one of my favorite hiking areas in the world. This would be my fourth trip to Zion National Park in southern Utah. The hikes can be difficult and dangerous but there are also multiple family friendly hikes. Coming off knee surgery, I decided to do the easy to medium range hikes and capture the beauty of the park.  The park is filled with amazing landscapes and panoramic scenery and definitely worth multiple visits.

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As the year ends, my thoughts are on 2019 and the adventures that await. Stay tuned and I’ll take you along with me on my journey around the world.