Freedom is being able to live carefree. To be able to go through the day without fear. In today’s society, wherever you live, it’s a feeling that escapes us all. So, we escape our day-to-day life with holidays in search of that feeling of freedom. Some stay closer to home with a weekend camping excursion. Or, even shorter yet, a hike that takes you out of the rat race for just a few hours. No matter what mode of escape you chose, I highly recommend a period of freedom away from the daily struggles of life. It’s a vital way to stabilize your mental health and recharge your sanity. Unfortunately, I don’t have the means to constantly travel so I like to hike as often as I can in search of those precious moments. For a short period, It feels like I’m in another world. One where I can run free through the fields without a care, like an innocent child discovering the world.