Travel and the “Golden Hour”

DSC02328 (2)


Travel has many perks and one such gift is being able to witness “the golden hour” from around the world. The time just after sunrise and right before sunset is a magical period which is beautiful enough if viewed in front of your home. Imagine having the backdrop of different locations around the world, included in your panoramic are amazing beautiful hues.



sunrise, Maasai Mara


sunrise, Playa del Carmen, Yucatan, Mexico


I’ve been blessed to see the sunrise over the rich game reserve of the Maasai Mara and the rise of the sun over the beautiful beaches of the Yucatan. I’ve definitely seen more sunsets than  sunrises since I’m not a morning person.



sunset, Zanzibar

DSC08032 a

sunset, Tahiti with Moorea in the background



sunset, El Nido, Philippines


I’ve seen my share of dramatic sunsets. The sun setting over Zanzibar as a dhow crosses the horizon, the sun disappearing behind Moorea, and the hues created by the sunset over El Nido are just some of my highlight moments. I will never tire of this beautiful time and I look forward to the next sunrise or sunset in my next travels. It’s a time of magic and special effects created by mother nature. A natural occurrence that will enhance your memory of your visit.



sunset, Death Valley, California



sunset, Vik, Iceland



sunset, Tahiti with Moorea in the background



sunset, Bali, Indonesia



sunset, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil




Where is your most memorable “golden hour”?