Tahiti’s West Coast Paradise

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People travel to Tahiti every year, looking for a slice of paradise. You don’t have to go far on this small island. Majority of the larger accommodations are on the west coast of the island, and rightfully so. This side of the island is lined with a reef running parallel with the coastline, creating a peaceful and protected lagoon (see video below). The waters are much calmer than the east coast which doesn’t have that offshore reef.




Pick a hotel just south of the airport and you’ll be rewarded with another gift, a view of Moorea. My favorite thing to do at my hotel was to sit on my balcony at the end of the day and watch the sun set over Moorea.





I recommend taking a drive down this beautiful coast line or take the west coast tour. Some of the sites you’ll see is the Maraa Gratto. A picturesque cave surrounded by lush flora and an inviting pool. A sign is posted excluding swimming in the cave but it doesn’t seem to bother the locals. The influx of tourist have required this sign to be posted to keep the mass of people from harming this ecosystem. I would have jumped in as well but I didn’t have my swim trunks.



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Another beautiful stop is the Water Gardens of Vaipahi. A mix of beautiful flowers, fruit trees and other local flora, surrounded by pools and streams. In the center of the garden is a small but beautiful waterfall.




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The garden is a visual overdose of lush local foliage. And, expect to share your visit with the wild chickens who roam the grounds. The island seems to be overrun with them.



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And, find your way to Marae of Arahuruhu a holy site of an ancient Polynesian temple. It was once the site for ceremonies and Tiki statues. Its surrounded by low basalt stone walls and with the beautiful lush mountains in the background.

The museum of Tahiti is also located on the west coast and is a great stop to understand the history of the island and its people. There are multiple fresh water springs along the road as well which is amazing since it’s so close to the ocean.





The west coast drive is beautiful as it hugs the coast line and its beaches. If you’ve rented a car, you’ll want to pull over and enjoy the beach. The waters are perfect for swimming since the lagoon is protected by the offshore reef. Fruit stands can also be seen along these beaches where you can buy fresh coconuts and bananas, among others.

I highly recommend a trip down this beautiful and picturesque highway along the west coast of Tahiti. Don’t deny yourself of this wonderful experience.





If you do decide to do a tour, I recommend a private tour so you can personalize your trip and spend as much time in certain locations and less time or even skip others. I had an amazing time with our guide Yota and would recommend him at Yota_Tahiti.com.

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