Great Blue Adventure

Travel around the world and you’re bound to fly over or sail over one body of water or another.  Approximately 70% of the planet is made up of water and if you haven’t considered exploring this portion of the planet then you’ve limited yourself, considerably. Adventure can be had along the edge of this great blue abyss. Surfing, paddle boarding, boating, fishing, are all great examples of enjoying the ocean. But, have you ever imagined seeing this world below the surface?! I’ve visited a small portion of this world but I’ve been lucky enough to see some amazing things while in the water. I’ve swam with the Galapagos penguins, whale sharks in the Yucatan, dolphins in Zanzibar, giant Manta Rays in Bali, and hundreds of species of tropical fish along my travels. I put this video together in honor of the ocean and the great adventures I’ve had, and the ones to come, in this mysterious but beautiful world of the oceans.



Just imagine if I was a certified diver.