MeFalls 2a



Moments like this are my inspiration to travel. My reason to value experiences over material things. I’ll never have many things  in my life but the memories will be immense.




Zion National Park, Utah


I may never see the world from a high-rise penthouse. But, I’ve seen Iceland from atop a volcanic crater, Rio de Janeiro from the foot of Christ the Redeemer, Zion valley from Angels Landing.



red mar iguana (2)


In my travels, I’ve seen magic. The magic of Africa and it’s wildlife, the magic of the Amazon and the world’s largest river and rain forest, the magic of the Galapagos and its unique creatures. And, the magic that are sunsets and sunrises around the world.



sunrise at Maasai Mara, Kenya


sunset in Bali


I can’t think of any material thing that I would want more than these experiences. I’ve only seen a small portion of the world and I lust for more. Donate to my wanderlust with suggestions of places to visit in the form of your favorite corner of the world.