Wandering Europe



With the acts of terrorism in Europe dominating the world news, I’m sure some tourists have had second thought about travel there. It’s only human nature to have these thoughts and fearing for one’s safety. Six months ago, when I first started planning my itinerary, it did cross my mind. It won’t stop my plans of an expedition to Europe but I will be more vigilant and aware of my surroundings during my ventures on the continent. You probably won’t believe this but it will be my first visit to Europe. And, my fears are more focused on pick-pockets and high prices than terrorists. There was no way I would cancel or postpone my travels. That would mean a victory for the terrorists.

If you happen to be in Europe at the same time and recognize me, please say hello and I’ll buy the first round.

Or, if you’re in-between travels and wish to follow my wanderings through Europe, please use the Facebook and Instagram link on the sidebar. I’ll be posting photos daily throughout my expedition on these two sites starting Sunday, September 24.


(photo from European Investment Bank)