Relaxing Cancun






I recently returned from a unique travel experience. No, it wasn’t an epic trek, or spotting of Sasquatch, but a great time where I spent most of my time relaxing. I spent four days in one of my favorite places in the world, at a five-star hotel lounging at the pool or at the beach and enjoying the fabulous restaurants of the property. Cancun, Mexico, is a tropical paradise just five hours from Los Angeles which makes it a highly desirable holiday because of its beauty and its closeness to my home. It was an extended weekend filled with sunny days cooled off by an ocean breeze that chased away the normal humidity that normally blankets this area. My normal holidays usually consist of inexpensive hotels and long days exploring the area. But, as a reward for my hard work, my employer provided this short all-expense paid holiday to Cancun as a reward for being one of the top employees at my position.





This hotel, Secrets on the Vine, was so amazing I didn’t have to leave the property. It was situated right on the beach and had multiple pools to play in and the service was amazing. It also had several bars and restaurants we spent hours in, trying multiple dishes and all were fabulous.



Oasis Grand Hotel



I only left the hotel on two occasions. Once, was to walk on the beach to the hotel I stayed at almost 20 years ago when I visited with my two brothers. My brothers and I had made a pact to take a holiday once a year and Cancun had been our 2nd destination. Since then, I’m the only one left wandering the planet as my brother have married and raised a family. I was able to take one of them on this trip and walk down memory lane with him as we reminisced of the days long past.





The second occasion was our excursion day. I couldn’t go without one day of adventure so we signed up for a day out snorkeling, zip lining, and repelling. The trip was a perfect way to introduce people to these events. The snorkeling consisted of swimming in a protected bay and an opening of a cenote in a protected environment perfect for beginners.




The zip line consisted of three lines and just the right length and height for newbies. Watching the others conquer their fears was fun and an inspiring experience.






My latest visit to Cancun was a different experience for me and one I would definitely do again. Hopefully, I will be able to earn this reward from my company again next year. I’m always up for visiting one of my favorite regions of the world.