Expedition Bali, Land of The Gods


My travels to Bali are behind me know and I can truly admit to you that it surpassed my expectations. This tropical destination is at the top of many travelers’ list and it is well deserved. The island is filled with gorgeous beaches and aquarium-clear waters that draw your typical tourist looking for sun-drenched beaches. Bali offers the convenience of having the sand within steps of the city and just a short drive from the airport. The surrounding waters are filled with a variety of fish species and if you’re the adventurous type, then you should definitely visit so you can swim with the manta rays. If the top of the ocean is this amazing, I can only imagine what the diving must be like, here.





Even with that said, Bali is much more than just the coast. I would definitely recommend on visiting the interior with a stay in Ubud. The cost to stay in Ubud is also much less than staying on the beach in the city. I stayed at a hotel, on a hill, overlooking the jungle with two infinity pools and I only paid less than $70 per night. The pools came in handy since I arrived on the eve of Nyepi. This is a Hindu holiday and Nyepi is the day of silence and all tourist are asked to stay within the hotel property. Locals aren’t allowed to use their vehicles or electricity. Exceptions are made for visitors staying at the hotels but at my hotel the restaurant closed at 6:30, right before sunset so the common lights would be turned off.




Being confined to my hotel, the beautiful pools were a big draw for myself and all the other visitors. It was a bit of an inconvenience but a much needed day to rest since I had just arrived from a busy expedition in Thailand.






During my drive from the airport, the night before, I was able to see some of the ceremonies along the road. It was a unique experience that I’m glad to have seen.



Ubud Palace



Ubud is a small town and you can easily walk from attraction to another. The temple of Ubud and the palace of Ubud are just across the street from each other. And, the Ubud market is just across the street from the palace so it is very convenient.





Another place you’ll want to visit is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary which is about a 20 minute walk from the palace. The monkeys are protected and are accustomed to humans and some aren’t shy in participating in your selfie.

I recommend visiting the rice fields in the area, some of which are included in the UNESCO Heritage list. You can do bicycle or hiking tours through the fields. I highly recommend visiting Pura Gunung Kawi temple which has rice terraces on the compound you can walk through including a hidden waterfall. This, coupled with the 12 century temple and carvings makes it a unique experience.

Another recommendation is hiking through the jungle of Munduk in search of waterfalls. The island is filled with waterfalls and Munduk is no exception. I was able to do a hike and see three waterfalls along the way.

The island of Bali is an enchanting place and I was very impressed with its beauty and the respectful and wonderful people who live in this paradise. If you just want to lay on the beach or come for the adventure, Bali has it all. This is truly the Land of The Gods! My expedition in Bali was profoundly incredible and I can’t wait to see its lush forest and clear waters again.



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