Being Lost to Find Myself



Tale of a Solo Traveler


Age brings wisdom through the multitude of experiences. Through the good times and definitely through our mistakes, we learn and define ourselves. In the comfort of our home and our familiar environment, we find strength in knowing our abilities. But, how would you react to challenges when you’re out of your environment? They say “in order to truly measure yourself, you need to take yourself out of your comfort zone.” On December of 2010, I embarked on my first solo international trip to Belize. I spent time in the interior of the country in a small town, San Ignacio, in the middle of the rainforest.

In an unfamiliar place, in a truly foreign environment,… I found myself.

This wasn’t the purpose of my holiday but a byproduct of my itch for travel and exploration. I was tired of waiting for others to get there lives together. I found the strength and the confidence to handle the challenges that came my way.

I fully embraced losing myself in order to find my true self.

Don’t get me wrong, I had confidence and strength to  function in the complicated life we live in before I landed in Belize. What I did bring back bring back was a higher level of confidence. I learned I could adapt to extreme environments and handle all the challenges and missteps. Just imagine being in a foreign country and not having anyone to support you, to advise you as you would back home.

Solo travel is a life of self discovery and has allowed me to challenge myself and find a better understanding of my true self along with a better respect for the world and everything in it. There’s very little in life that can truly make you feel as independent and free as traveling alone. It will test your patience, your will, and your inner strength. Unfortunately, it hasn’t cured my fear of public speaking.

Safe travels and may you find your true self!


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