Photographic Travel Review of 2016



The year of 2016 was my most ambitious travel year to date. It included Expeditions to the desert, exotic beaches, multiple safaris in Africa, swimming with wild dolphins and whale sharks, and picturesque hikes in the Canadian Rockies.



The year started with a two-day trip to the second lowest point in the world, the harsh desert of Death Valley, California. I imagined a lifeless, barren, desert but I discovered a stunning landscape full of color and adventure. It’s a unique environment I should have visited long ago. (link provided for full articles)


Death Valley National Park, California




In the month of March, the Expedition rolled into the far reaches of the globe and made its way through the continent of Africa. I started the trip of a life time in eastern Africa in the countries of Kenya and Tanzania. I then made my way to Southern Africa, to Namibia and South Africa. This was truly the trip of a life time.

Maasai Mara safari, meeting the Maasai tribe, historic Zanzibar, swimming with wild dolphins, Namibia safari, sandboarding in Namibia, visiting the Zulu cultural center, and all the animals I only dreamt of seeing in the wild

I experienced so much while I was there, I listed some of the highlights above. Too many to go into detail for this yearly pictorial review. Just imaging all the images I captured after visiting four countries in Africa. It was tough to pick just a few photos to represent the trip. If you wish to read or view my collection of stories and photos, I provided a link below.  


Expedition Africa








DSC02115 (2)




The summer signaled another trip to the tropical beaches of Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. This time, to the small-town-feel of Playa del Carmen. The trip was more than just a lazy week laying on the sand of some beautiful beach. No, this was also filled with adventure such as swimming with whale sharks. If you ever get the opportunity, I highly recommend this unique experience.

Playa del Carmen









The season had changed and fall had come and brought on a great opportunity to hike the Continental Divide, the Canadian Rockies, and Banff National Park. The city of Banff has to be Canada’s most picturesque city. I thought the fall season would be the perfect time to hike Banff with its cooler weather and the autumn leaves. Banff didn’t disappoint with its postcard vistas and landscapes. The trail to Larch Valley provided the most exciting hikes of my life with rain that turned into snow and sunshine welcomed us on our descent. The water of the lakes are breathtaking and will mesmerize you.


Banff National Park







2016 has definitely been the most exciting travel year to date. It’s going to be tough to top, but then I say that about every year. As I make plans for the upcoming year, I’m as excited about the future as I am about the year I just had. I hope you found it as special as I did. 


I wonder which expedition you would put on your bucket list?





’til the next sunset in a far away place…