My Top 10 Unique Travel Experiences




There is so much to see and do in the world and in my position as a part-time traveler I’ve just touched a small portion. With that said, I’ve still experienced some amazing and unique things during my travels. If you’ve visited my site before, you’ll notice that I’m not the type of traveler that likes to lounge aside a pool or on a crowded beach. All-inclusive resorts are useless for me since I’m definitely wandering the countryside. There is nothing wrong if travelers prefer to spend their holiday this way. I prefer to spend mine as an Expedition. Not just sightseeing but to experience the culture and the countryside. If you treat a holiday this way, you will have a book full of wonderful memories. I put together a list of my more unique and adventurous experiences, my top 10 unique travel experiences.


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 1. Swimming With Whale Sharks

July 2016, My Yucatan expedition brought me off the coast of Mexico, one hour boat ride off the coast of Cancun, near the island of Isla Mujeres, where the currents create a feeding ground of plankton and the occasional fish eggs numbering in the millions for the extraordinary whale sharks. Swimming among the thousands-of-years old species of gentle giants, 30 feet and weighing 10 tons, was a unique encounter and I wish everyone can experience it first hand.



 me penguine


2. Swimming With Penguins

October 2014, Expedition Galapagos was full of unique species I never imagined I’d see in person. When I put together my itinerary for this holiday, I just hoped to see the one of a kind Galapagos Penguin. Never did I think I would be able to swim with them in the wild. They were curious and playful, often attracted to my GoPro, and a joy to swim with.




photo by:  Darko Vrcon


3. Jump Dance With the Maasai     

March 2016, Expedition Africa was full of adventure crisscrossing the continent on a four country excursion. During my time in Kenya, we visited a Maasai village and the men of the group were able to take part in the Adumu, the jump dance. I had seen this millions of time on television and now it was my turn to participate. Can you blame me for smiling the whole time.





4. King of Paradise For A Day         

January 2012, Expedition Palawan transported me to heaven on earth, my paradise, the town of El Nido. This amazingly picturesque beach town filled with multiple islands off its shores filled with secluded beaches and lagoons reminiscent of the location of the movie “The Blue Lagoon.” I hired a boat to take me to one of these lagoons and for that day I was the lord and king of paradise.





5. Swim With Wild Dolphins         

March 2016, the 2nd part of my Expedition Africa took place in the enchanting island of Zanzibar. Here, I was able to swim with wild dolphins. An experience more difficult than swimming with dolphins in a pool but a hundred times more fulfilling as these are wild and worth the effort.



Sandboarding 8


6. Sandboarding in Namibia     

March 2016, In the 3rd portion of my Expedition Africa, in the country of Namibia, I took part in the exciting sport of sandboarding. The beautiful coastal dunes were an ideal location for this thrilling event. The fact that I never surfed or skied made the act that much more exciting.




photo by: tour company


7. Class 5 Rafting          

July 2013, America’s last frontier, Alaska, is full of adventure and the location for my first class V river rafting run. The river was flowing with cold glacier melt waters which made the run a little more dangerous and adrenaline inducing. We wore a dry suit to help with the freezing water but the water was still cold and made the swim test very difficult.





8. Petting Pink Dolphins              

October 2012, during my Amazon Expedition I was not only able to see the pink dolphins, the only fresh water dolphins in the world, but I was able to touch them. These are wild dolphins that have become accustomed to human contact after one of them befriended a little girl. That little girl is grown now but this pod of dolphins come back everyday to interact with people.





9. Fishing for Piranha     

October 2012, the same Amazon holiday yielded a fishing trip only possible on the Amazon River. It doesn’t take much to catch one of the most notorious species but be very careful when you try to take one off the hook.



11044989_881487225223058_5895687912603267870_n (2)


10. Running of the Reindeers      

March 2014, running of the reindeers is a light-hearted version of the Running of the Bulls in Spain. Thousands of people take their turn running in snow with the reindeers in a large party atmosphere.



The world is full of experiences and I’ve been able to get a small taste of what’s out there. My expeditions will continue to create memories and definitely expand this list. I’ve had many wonderful experience during my travels but this is my 10 most unique experiences. We all have a different definition of unique and my list is no greater than yours. With that said,


What’s your most unique travel experience?