Time, Elusive Time




Time, Elusive Time


How often do we reflect upon life and ask ourselves “what is the most important commodity in our lives.” Most will answer with material things such as their car, house, or monetary investments. For a man who’s lived without wealth most of my life, I’ve gained a different perspective on the importance of material things. Yes, they can make one’s life easier but they can be replaced.

In society’s game of accumulating wealth, experience is my currency.

In my humble opinion, time is the most important commodity one can have. Time allows us to gain the wealth we desire if that is our goal in life. If you desire to see and experience the world, like I do, time is of the essence. At the end of one’s life, I don’t think anyone has ever said “I wish I had more money.” I know time is fleeting and my time to enjoy family, friends and exploring the world is at a premium.


I wish I had more time!