Expedition Africa


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Expedition Africa

“Why Africa?” is the question I’ve been commonly asked since I publicly announced my trip to Africa.  The reasons are purely for self discovery. I want to experience the Africa I saw as a child on National Geographic and forever ingrained in my mind.  To see lions and rhinos in there natural state.  To shoot some of these animals,… no, not with a gun, with my camera. 

That is every African travelers dream but I want more than this.  I want to meet local tribes such as the Massai Mara and any other tribe unlucky enough to run into me.  To experience local traditions and cultures through first hand encounters. My itinerary is ambitious, four countries in fifteen days, wandering through eastern Africa and roaming southern Africa. My path will be filled with many hours wandering through multiple airports as these countries are too far apart not to travel by air.

My holiday includes two safari’s, Kenya and Namibia, a two day romp in Johannesburg, and a tropical getaway in Zanzibar. Life is fleeting and I never assume that I will have another opportunity to do this again so I’m visiting the locations that most interest me, all be it in a short amount of time. It has the makings of a memorable trip.

I will try to post updates on my Facebook page as this is the best way to communicate and post photos with limited internet access. The link is on the sidebar and if you “Like” the page the posts will appear on your Facebook feed. I will try to post whenever I can on this site, hoping my hotel accommodations will have adequate signals for me to upload multiple photos.  The expedition will begin March 5, ready or not.

Cheers and thanks for following this humble “hobo” circle the world.


Photo: the visual equivalent of being in the Namib desert (Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley, California)