The Ant and his Wanderlust

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(leaf-cutter Ants of Costa Rica)

A typical ant colony can consist of hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of ants contributing to the colony. One such ant is Aaron who toils in the heat daily along with thousands of his peers falling in line hustling to the work site hauling life’s essentials to the hive or moving objects from their path. Day in and day out, this is his life conforming to his station in life and the division of labor. It’s a socialized colony where thousands live in a tight community where neighbors live in tight quarters.

Today is your typical hot day of work and Aaron is exhausted, he decides to take a break and rests away from the streaming path of ants. As he ascends a hill and looks over the prairie, there they are. A group of bees were buzzing around pollinating flowers in the fields.

His fantasy of becoming a Bee had surfaced again. Aaron often day dreams of being a Bee, a colorful big wide-eyed fluttering bee.  He dreams of being able to see the world, to hover over the valleys and fly through the forest with impunity. They visit colorful and well scented flowers, by the dozens daily. The freedom they have and the chores of visiting such amazing flora would make any insect happy.

Bees are so happy they glow with yellow stripes on their bodies. He always believed that the wings of bee’s are powered by their happiness, “what else in life can flutter their wings at such a high rate of speed”, he assumed.  Aaron’s obsession with bees had been growing since childhood and he’s often thought about leaving the collective.

He longs for the day he can wander the prairies and mountains, he lusts to wander

But, the bond of the collective and the consequences of being disconnected from them is too great.

The day-dream is over and Aaron scurries back to the work line. That dream will have to be sent back to the recesses of his mind until its triggered once again.



Are you Aaron,… or have you become a full-fledged Bee wandering the fields of the world, glowing with happiness?


(leaf-cutter ants for Belize)

(leaf-cutter Ants of Belize)