Photographic Review of 2015

Every year we have an idea of what the future will hold for us.  We plan the best we can to maximize our experience.  This year was no different for me.  The expeditions started with a winter trip to Alaska, my first snow filled vacation.  I had hoped to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights but was thoroughly disappointed to find out Anchorage was not a good area for viewing the Lights. The weather was relatively warm for the month of March which affected the start of the Iditarod but I did witness the start of the ceremonial start.  I also participated in the Running of The Reindeers, a unique experience of pure joy and fun.  The winter expedition of Alaska was tremendous and something I would enjoy doing again.

The expedition turned toward Joshua Tree National Park in the month of April.  I expected Joshua Trees and baron desert but was pleasantly surprised in regards to the beauty of the park.  Then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The next excursion consisted of a two day layover in Hong Kong and reconnecting with my roots in the Philippines.  The urban architecture of Hong Kong was quite a site to be hold and one that was on my bucket list.  The rest of the expedition consisted of a two week fun-filled stay in the Philippines.  Plans quickly changed as a Typhoon altered our first week.  That didn’t stop us from enjoying the interior of Bohol, we just couldn’t trek in the rough seas.  As the storm left, another dark cloud descended on us as my father unexpectedly passed away.  The focus quickly turned from adventure to family.

The last part of the year brought on a renewed interest in traveling in the local area, something I neglected as I concentrate on traveling the world.  Southern California can be as intriguing and beautiful as the rest of the world.

I put together a set of photos to represent my year.  It was difficult as I admire my photos greatly and I hope you find them as appealing as I do.  I  hope you forgive my blatant vanity as I’ve come along way for an untrained photographer.  ISO and aperture are foreign to me but what I do understand is beauty.

I’ve filled my site with the highlights of my travels in the last five years which was the start of my resurgent in traveling and now my first complete year of blogging has come and gone.  What expeditions are looming in my future, you may ask?  Other than my Africa trip in March, I don’t know myself.  What I can tell you is it will definitely involve my travel bucket list as I cross them out one-by-one and add to them as you and the world inspire me.



DSC03845 (2)

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center


DSC03722 (2)

Alaska Highway 1 along Cooks Inlet

DSC03767 (2)

Alyeska Ski Resort

11044989_881487225223058_5895687912603267870_n (2)

The Running of the Reindeers

aDSC04029 (2)

Joshua Tree National Park

aDSC04033 (2)

Joshua Tree National Park


Hong Kong

DSC04125 (2)

Hong Kong


Tarsier, Bohol, Philippines

DSC04828 (2)

Carcar, Cebu, Philippines


Bohol, Philippines


Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Phillipines

DSC04476 (2)

Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines


Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

DSC04992 (2)

The Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

DSC04978 (2)

at The Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine


The Getty Villa Museum


The Casino at Catalina Island

DSC05182 (2)

San Juan Trail, Cleveland National Forest, California, USA


Oak Canyon, San Juan Capistrano, California, USA