Weir Canyon Trail



If you haven’t noticed, I’ve made more of an effort to hike my local trails and there isn’t one more local than the Weir Canyon Trail.  The trailhead for this loop is only two miles from my front door.

This isn’t a tough hike and it’s perfect for beginners.  The terrain is mostly flat with two small sections of switch backs topping two small hills.  The route also includes a gradual climb to a height of about 350 feet, in my estimation.  With little effort you’ll be able to ascend the hillside and hike a long a ridge that acts as a border keeping the suburbs separate from natures canvas.




(my whimsical romance novel cover photo)





This canyon has had forest fires in the past and in the drought years we’ve had here in Southern California, I haven’t had the urge to hike the canyon.  I expected dry brush and leaf-less trees on the hillside due to the lack of rain.  A bleak  terrain was my expectation.  Leave it to mother nature to populate the area with hardy flora equipped to survive long periods of dry months.  With El Nino arriving, it has started to rain and the months to come should be a wet one.  This should produce a different look for the trail with flowers blooming in the spring and I’ll be there to see it.  If you decide to visit, I recommend wearing a hat since the Weir Canyon Trail is exposed and has very little shade along the route.


Get off your electronic device and

take a hike!