I’m Lost

DSC04685 (2)


I’ve struck aground.

For the most part my path has been laid out. From the pool beneath the waterfall, following the river down to the great wide sea. It hasn’t been easy, winds, fog, sand bars, shallow rocky bottoms and quick rapids deter my progress. The flow of the river has been steady and my internal compass…pure.

Now, I’m lost. A deep mental depression caused by a foggy section of the river has left me lost and stranded on the banks of smaller creek. This setback weighs on my confidence and my psyche. It will take a concentrated effort to right myself. I’ll have to paddle upstream to meet up with the main river again. In the morning, I’ll have to repair the boat damaged by the landing.

I gather my thoughts, myself being, and prepare for the coming days to once again right the journey I designed.