The Beaches of Bohol



This is the first time I’ve had to deal with inclement weather during my holiday. I usually plan around these situations and avoid these issues. In this case it was unavoidable and we just hoped for the best. I was not travelling alone and there was no other choice. I compromised, or relented to my family’s needs, to whom I was traveling with. It wasn’t all doom and gloom. The first two days we encountered lots of rain but we took advantage of the break in the daily showers, we enjoyed the beach as often as we could. The last 2 days it only rained in the evening and in the mornings. The Typhoon that hit the eastern Philippines was turning north to Luzon and then to Taiwan. The island of Bohol is in the central region of the archipelago and does not receive the full strength of these storms as the eastern island like Leyte which gets the full brunt of these storms.

DSC04426 (2)

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The afternoon brought low tide, the perfect opportunity to collect shell fish for locals

My situation reminds me of the island of Malapascua and how it got its name. During the colonial days, a Spanish ship sailed north from Cebu and encountered a severe storm. They were forced to go ashore on an island they then termed “mala Pascua”, bad Christmas, due to the fact it was Christmas and,…well they weren’t having such a good time.


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This is very similar to my situation here in Bohol, such beautiful beaches and I can’t enjoy it fully. The ocean here is teaming with life but I can’t get off shore. Though the typhoon didn’t reach us it made the ocean swells unsafe for small vessel travel. But, I do what I’ve often done before and make the best of bad situations, and it really wasn’t that bad at all.

I hope you enjoy the images I captured.

DSC04465DSC04455DSC04469 (2)DSC04473 (2)DSC04429 (2)I  apologize for the partial nudity.