Cebu City Photo Journal

DSC04337 (2)

DSC04355The Philippines’ central city is Cebu City, not just geographically but also historically. The birth of the nation began here. The first Spanish colony was established here. But, this is a photo journal so I will bore you with the facts at some other time.


Cebu is renowned for its beautiful beaches and coastlines.

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Carbon Market, the largest and oldest farmers market in Cebu.

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It’s hard to talk about Cebu without delving into history.

Magellan’s cross, the spot Magellan planted the cross in the name of Spain.


Fort San Pedro, the first fort established by the Spanish in the Philippines. Unfortunately it is being refitted after the recent earthquake.

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Basilica del Santo Nino was founded in 1565 and unfortunately under construction also to repair earthquake damages.

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Cebu Taoist Temple