My Admiration for Volunteers, Cebu City and the World



I have read many articles of people volunteering around the world in order to benefit the less fortunate. The more I think about it, the more my admiration gains for these volunteers, to experience the poverty of the people they serve, to do the chores not many others will partake. To care for complete strangers without reward other than the gratification of a deed well done.


It’s not common for me to write on subject matter such as this during my travel. I don’t normally put it on my travel agenda. My inspiration is the visit I had at the Missionaries of the Poor Little Lamb Center in Cebu City, Philippines. This facility houses children and some young adults with special needs that the parents could not meet themselves, be it monetary or emotional reasons. Many of these children are still confined to a crib, their limbs too weak to function. This included a young man at the age of 21 who was confined to a large crib. I witnessed a volunteer administering physical therapy to him, his extremities non-functioning and seemingly in abnormal posture.



The lucky ones where mobile and had regular functions of their limbs through the hard work of volunteers who worked with them with their physical therapy. Their mobility didn’t make them whole again, these children couldn’t talk except one older boy. Their mental abilities also hindered. One older boy had all these attributes including blindness.


20150630_110128 (2)

What is the reason for visiting this facility, you ask?

My nieces wanted to do volunteer work while they were here on holiday, be it for just one day. To experience the life of the less fortunate, and, of course, it benefits them on their college applications.


This was an experience I,… WE will never forget, one of heartbreak and sorrow but I left with a greater admiration for the volunteers at this facility and for those around the world who volunteer to make an impact on lives of complete strangers.

 They make this world a greater place, one good deed at a time.