Hong Kong, From the Sky and Through the Lens

The day has come, winter has fallen in China and it’s time to flee the continent for warmer feeding grounds in the southern hemisphere of New Zealand. I gather myself and flap my wings earnestly to join the other albatross’, my feathered species, for the long flight. We fly in unison and, what luck, our direction took us right into an upwelling of warm air which led to a jet stream that pushed us into the South China Sea. We are surrounded by ocean and clear skies. The ocean is all the sudden disturbed by a group of islands which I’ve never experienced before. The jet stream has blown me on a difference course. The island has come quickly and as I pass the peak of a mountain, I see it. Towers of concrete and steel buildings, each one higher than the other. What made this?…it’s not of animal or natural origin. What super species has created such beautiful structures. I hover the harbor and every square inch of surface along the water’s edge has been built open. The only terrain that’s been spared is the hillsides that are too steep to build open. The streets intertwine between the closely built monoliths with millions of humans hustling and bustling through those same streets. More humans that I’ve ever seen in one location. They must be responsible for such feats.

The strain of flying for so long has made me exhausted and the top of one if these structures is an excellent place to shelter for the night. Away from the danger of the ground level activities and away from predators. Night has fallen and I finally fall into deep sleep. All the sudden, I am awoken by something, not a noise but by a bright light. I open my eyes and behold, the buildings on the other side of the harbor are illuminated and in unison with each other. Flashing on and off as if in rhythm. At first thought, I was upset that I had been awoken out of my much-needed rest. In second thought, I’m glad to have witnessed such a beautiful and magnificent occurrence.

Morning has come and it’s time to continue on my journey. Once again I gather myself and off I go, into the never-ending sky. But before I lose sight, I turn to look over my shoulder to view this wonderful location one last time and to say goodbye.

Hopefully, the winds will take me here again.




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