Throughout my childhood I grew up without.

Without material items.

Without a fancy house or a room of my own and, at times, not even a bed of my own.

A meal at a restaurant, a ride to school, the latest fashions is what I lacked.

The supervision of parents was at a minimum,

too busy with financial concerns and providing life’s essentials with no regrets or bitterness from me.

The less I thought about what I lacked the happier I was.

Withdrawn from normal reality I didn’t know what I lacked,

life was just a joy playing with neighborhood friends who saw the world through the same lens.

Dreams, this grew in abundance inside me,

to better myself and my quality of life,

to one day travel and experience what I was once without.

As a child I was without and turned what could have been bitterness to joy.

It became my motivation as I educated myself and developed my character.

As I accumulate material wealth and as I experience the world,

my early life without grounds me as the beauty and vastness of the world humbles me.

To truly cherish you must have once been without,

how far I’ve come and my journey has yet ended.


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