The Running of the Reindeer

Most of us know about “The Running of the Bulls” in Pamplona, Spain. One of the ultimate test of any one’s manhood. A long tradition of wearing white while you run the streets of Pamplona in front of or alongside bulls that can gore or trample you. What’s more thrilling than that?

And then there’s “The Running of the Reindeer” in Anchorage, Alaska. Yes, there is some dangers like being trampled by the reindeer, since these don’t fly, but you’re more likely to be trampled by the other participants. I participated in the running this year and this version is all about a good time. Approximately 2500 people jammed a block section of 4th street in downtown Anchorage to stay one step ahead of the reindeer with thousands more lined along the two block course to witness this Mardi Gras like atmosphere. I estimate half the runners to be in one type of costume or another. From a bikini for the women to Speedos for the men, in 38 degrees farenheit. One man had on a pair of Speedos while draped in a bear skin rug, bent over mimicking a walking bear at the start of the race. It was obvious the alcohol was flowing through the streets this afternoon and I wasn’t immune. And, oh, Alaska just legalized marijuana use, an extra bonus for the party goers.

 The Running of the Bulls may test your manhood but The Running of the Reindeer will test your sense of humor and your tolerance for diversion. I hope Santa will forgive us for playing with his beloved reindeer without his permission.

 Words can’t describe the scene so I put together this video.

March 2015