Kayaking La Jolla Caves

ralph val kayak 1

I know, when you think of La Jolla you think expensive neighborhoods and the Mormon Temple. There is actually a beautiful beach surrounded by cliffs and reefs which keeps the waves minimal. The calm waters makes La Jolla Shores ideal for swimmers and kayakers. And,  the surrounding waters are part of an Ecological Reserve and a Marine Life Refuge which allows the marine life to flourish and makes the area ideal for snorkeling  and scuba diving. The 7 caves of La Jolla are located in sandstone cliffs only accessible by kayak so I hope your arms are in shape. Here, you can see the orange Garibaldi, the CA state fish, along with seals and the occasional Leopard sharks along with an assortment of other fish and birds.

San Diego is known for it’s perfect weather but on the day of my visit it was overcast so I recommend you go in the summer as the Pacific ocean can get a little cold the rest of the year. For those sensitive to the cold, wetsuits can be rented at the kayak rental stores. Parking can be a challenge, like any beach community. It took over half an hour of searching before I opted for paid parking… So, good luck and have fun.

seal and hole

val kelp

val peace



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